New Redhead Video “Aim To Please (Shoot To Kill)”

And this is how I shall start the year off. The first clip from Red’s Dope Schemata album just happens to be for my favorite song. Look out for our joint video coming soon which is for a song of mine that he remixed and then I remixed again.


New Redhead album – “The Schemata”!!!!!

I got 2 treats for you kiddies in the spirit (he he, get it?) of Halloween. The first being the long awaited album from the kid Redhead, The Schemata. A pretty much autobiographical project, Redhead takes us on a ride thru his journey from birth to the now, in always entertaining and introspective fashion. He even features one of my songs from my upcoming album that’s been remixed! Dopeness!

Click on the image of the cover to download and listen 


For mobile users, click on this link

In the meantime, to whet your appetite further, here’s the second trailer for the album.