The Malik-16 Shave-Off CHALLENGE PT.1

This here is the official kick-off of an experiment that I’d like to begin this week. I was recently dared to shave off all of my facial hair, and I want to extend that out to as many heads that are down to do the same. I personally don’t believe I’ll ever do this again, but here goes…

I’m documenting this so you can follow the progress and witness the transformation. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback – good or bad.

I’m really excited to make a thing out of this, so if I can get at least 5 others to do this crazy challenge with me, I’ll turn it into some kind of charity venture and make it worth walking around lookin like a Megan’s Law lister or an overall cornball.

Let me know tho. Either way, it’s a Hell of an experience, and all for your amusement and entertainment in the long run huh?