*SOUL BROTHERS Reunion Show ft. MALIK-16!! Tomorrow!!!*

Be There, Or Be Square….

*New Show* Soul Brothers x Malik-16 – SOUL BROTHERS REUNION SHOW December 18th In Harlem! (See trailer)

As always, like we usually seem to do at least 1nce a year, My extended fam  – The Soul Brothers are putting on Another Soul Jam at Harlem‘s own BlackStar Music And Video.

And Iam the special guest sharing the bill doing what I do best!

This not only marks the reunion of the 2 members, Fred Hawkins and Prince Hottness The Cure, but it’s also a return to glory that should see the event go back to the essence of the very first event at BlackStar. This will officially be the third run and the second show this year, counting this summer’s go-round without PHTC.

This time, it’s back to the basics; A Live band, FREE drinks and Dope New music and some crowd favorites. All that’s being asked is your humble $2 Donation. Hear that?? Donation, meaning you don’t have to, but why be so fucking cheap???!

Support Harlem’s last Black owned, Black operated, Video and music retailer. Support Good music and upcoming artists. Support Dope Hip-Hop performers….We’re Rare! I’ll be bringing up my group, The Have-Knotz, as well, to prepare for our debut.

Show is Saturday, December 18th @ 7:00. BlackStar is located on Lenox avenue in Harlem between 128th and 129th streets. Let’s do it big!

Black & White (Episode 1 PT.2) – The Greatest Show That Never Was

Like I said Yesterday, I’m bringing this show back via my blog to restart the discussion on it. I feel it didn’t get enough attention. Let’s talk about the significance of it’s experimental dynamic.

I give you part 2 of Episode 1.

Black & White (Episode 1)- The Greatest Show that never was

Remember this show?

I Always thought that it never got the credit it deserved. At the height of the reality show boom, Ice Cube attempted to cash in and made a turn to cable with the show Black/White on the FX network.

It seemed to come and go with little fanfare. There was an appearance on the Oprah show to take a sociological look at it, but Cube was left out. That rubbed him the wrong way as the cold war between Oprah and rappers got all out of hand and he jumped on board.

There has been talk during the airing of the show and afterwards, that it was severely staged; from false families full of auditioned actors, to scripted dialogue. I don’t know how true that is because I believe the premise alone is enough to garner entertaining enough moments to just let the camera roll and let reality fill up the hours. If this show was in fact staged, I’d be highly let down, not surprised.

Nevertheless, it’s such an interesting basis for a show from a social standpoint that I really wanted to see it get more light, or go for a another season, or at least see someone else pick up where this left off and do another experimental show that thrived off of a study of human interaction. It would just be more refreshing to see so-called Reality Television put to use for more resourceful purposes that we can learn from. So even if this show was fake, It contained so many relatable moments that it’s intriguing and worth discussion. So starting tonight, I’ll be posting up one episode from it’s one and only season everyday.

Footage from 3/30 Brandon Carter Show @ DROM

Here’s a few clips from Tuesday’s show at Drom With Brandon Carter.

We shared a stage with the beautiful ass Black Buddafly, who will no doubt show up in a future Crush Alot segment.

Oh yeah, Malik Yoba was in the building too.

But anyway, The Boy Carter did his thing and has become quite the showman…cool, calm and in control. I played Hypeman for a couple of joints and then we went into an improvised version of the peoples’ favorite,  “Subway Bus or Walking”. Special Shout out to The Vanguard, who acted as the backing band and made wonderful things come to life by adding the melodious backdrop. Make sure you’re on the look out for his new album, entitled Never Give A Fuck!. Again kiddies, YES – that is the name of the album…