Speaking Of Muslims….

Remember last year when I posted up those ads that were so ridiculously worded and imaged that they were unbelievable?

Well this definitely falls under that category. 

I was just so befuddled that it took me some time to visit the site to verify that it was an actual site and not some mean parody or theme-porn spam.

But no, this site is very real. Considering itself the technologically evolved medium for Muslim singles to meet and match, this answer to modern world dating purports to be a safe platform to launch a successful and meaningful Islamic marriage – seeing how that is the only way to truly ‘date’ within Islam.

I didn’t even think this was possible, but there you have it…A faith-based social networking site that is actually 10 years old, boasting to help make “4 marriages a day”, full of women- with or without their hair covered, posting up their pictures with men doing the same. No abs or backshots, no cleavage or chest hair with provocative usernames,  just brief descriptions with definitions as Sunni, Shiite or “Just Muslim” for those less engulfed in sects.

After reading the mission statement of the site, I understand it better. It’s a little weird, but it’s dope at the same time to see such a strict religion moving forward with the times and knowing that there’s a place out there where judgement is reserved and attraction is not primarily sexually rooted. I don’t think there’s one person on there who feels some of the initial awkwardness or social isolation that some users of other sites like Match or Chemistry dot com feel. This is a bunch of people globally sharing a common goal under the premise of a common belief.

Click the picture and check it out for yourself if you’re curious.

Do You KNOW Who Iam?

Hello There.

My team doesn’t seem to think that you guys know who I am.
They think you’ve been to 16’s Candles but never to Malik-16.com.
They think you’ve been to Malik-16.com but never to 16’s Candles.

They think my layout is too spastic here, and too plain there.
They think I confuse you.

They think you know me as a blogger, but not as the rapper which is the purpose why this blog exists in the first place. But that would mean that you all didn’t read the Why 16? page now wouldn’t it?

And perhaps there is some truth to this, but I’d rather hear that from you – the people who actually read this blog. I thought I was doing quite a good job, but admittedly so, I could have been making a better effort to let you know that Iam consistently working on music and telling you where to find it. Please take into consideration that I made the conscious decison earlier this year to eliminate as much confusion as possible by turning my home site, http://www.malik-16.com/ into a stationary site with a static page that refers you here for all things New and Fresh with me. THERE is my hub, my namesake. It’s where you go to learn about me and introduce yourself to this guy with a number in his name that you probably still don’t understand. It’s where you can see where I made history on BET, see my first full bio, my first EPK and download my very first solo projects that I put out into the world. The co-signs by some of your favorite Bloggers and underground rappers in the beginning doesn’t hurt either (Although, somehow my team thinks it is in whatever way, calling it “distracting”).

HERE, is where you come to get to know me; The Man, The Artist, The Writer, The Lover, The flawed human being who says ridiculous things and no, doesn’t like everybody and sometimes has typos because he does everything alone.

Something to remember.

I’ve been doing everything myself for my career up to this point. That includes halfway designing every layout from my Myspace page to my website. I’ve secured any connects I have so far and any collabs, friendships etc., and I’d like to believe that you come here truly out of interest, curiosity and the results of that hardwork that I’ve put in. I haven’t been a blog-darling, so I started my own. And thanks to the good words of my homegirl, Starrene, I chose to make it more literary and editorialist based. Meaning yeah, you should be ready to READ when you come here! I don’t have anybody’s exclusives but my own. I’m not a fashionista and I don’t have gossip – unless you count…
And yes, I’ve addressed the whole thing of where to find my music. Depending on what kind of browser you have, check the right side of this site or the bottom and click on any of those mixtape covers to go to a place where you can hear my catalogue (except for the first 2 mixtapes – you STILL gotta go to http://www.malik-16.com/ to get those in full). Also, there’s a nice little tab on top of the header (you know, the one with the round Black woman asses on the right?) and it says what? Music. Click on either.

And Of Course, I also put my website logo all over the place so you can go there and see what’s up.

And now, just in case that’s not enough, don’t forget I got a show tomorrow and a whole freestyle series going on with a hip-hop website. Click this pic in case you missed it.

Now we know each other. Nice meeting you…

Hot 16…Or More… EYES CLOSED Pt. 2

Picking up from where we left off last week for MLK day,

I introduced you all to a song that holds lots of significance for me. It’s also one of the very First original songs that I launched my career with and the song I’m performing in the EPK on my site(www.malik-16.com by the way).

What you didn’t really get to see is that I actually performed the first 2 verses of that song blindfolded, literally playing up on the song lyrics and the underlying theme.

It stands as one of my favorite performances ever.

The track is produced by my once creative partner in crime and business Terence “The Politician” Anderson and is just a great serving of real talk and motivational speaking in one dose.

You can check the link at the very bottom to download it for as long as it lasts.

And With no further adue, I give you Part 2 of that;

“My hood niggas only wanna hear that gangsta shit,

my good niggas on the horn like ‘Liky, save the kids!!’.

And my women-friends only listening to their favorite shit,

keep it simple then they might put it on their playlist…


You listen to thangs that’s on CD,

from niggas that ain’t ruff – they ain’t breathe,

anything Gangsta – they just read,

-off that paper and ya’ll believe what they sayin’ – cause ya’ll perceive,

livin’ this way of life to be,

one of the greatest – I don’t see,

they’re entertainers, not OG’s.

They speak your language, I agree,

but they ain’t gon’ bang, now patna’ Please,

they won’t endanger their safety with that shit they say on their songs – cause they gotta eat!

And they all got seeds,

that they gotta feed,

so they gotta be,


to make you go buy their LP.

They on them beats,

and you on the corner with quarter Lb’s.

Or that brick that they rappin’ bout,

shit that they flappin’ bout,

you cold – movin’ snow in the snow…

bet they ain’t trappin’ now.

There’s more roads to go than you know,

you just like faster now,

and you see what that has to offer you,

-you finna’ back it down…

And these conscious rappers is self-indulgent,

-they make the kind of music only a couple of folks dig.

They preachin’ to the Choir,

I don’t think that they know this…

when the mass of music buyers’ walkin’ round Blindfolded…

-on that…

Highway to pay the toll,

sucka niggas hatin’, tell ’em Blind Faith is all I know

– Jumpin’ with my eyes closed

They don’t know,

I’m ridin’ with my eyes closed

They don’t know.

See ain’t none of this positive,

gotta go get it how you live – that’s how it is,

cause runnin’ off 24 hours is,

not enough time on the clock to get – it poppin’ – this,


whether you at the job or on the block or strip,

you gotta start from where the bottom is,

and I got a problem with ’em hollerin’

(Keep it Real!!)

Cause it be the main muthafuckas that’s not that be constantly screaming they Trill,

and there’s a whole lot more muthafuckas that dropped ‘fore they topped, without seeing that Mil’.

Ain’t get that gold before crossin‘ that road,

lost their control and ain’t follow their goals,

so far as we know they might have sold their soul

-so it,

goes to show that the show must go on,

-a girl in a wheelchair told me go get your roll on.

(She said)

There’s struggle everyday,

all you got is your hope, so I’m,

back to my leap of Faith,

keeping my blindfold on…

on that…”

Hope you learned something.

Here’s the download for the whole track;