JellyFish that can Live FOREVER!!

How Dope is this???!!!

Yeah, Yeah, Healthcare Praise is all abuzz,

but how about immortality??!

We’ve all played with the idea of living forever. Recently, studies have developed that find a particular species of Jellyfish to be able to prolong it’s lifespan to an indefinite extent by regressing back to a primary stage of it’s life cycle.

The scientific term is transdifferentiation. It’s a form of regeneration that we see occur in lots of popular animals/organisms, it’s just that this Jellyfish does it to the extreme.

Now far be it for me to get all scientific on ya’ll, so peep the source where I came across this info for the details.

Just something to think about. You can no doubt Guess that all kinds of probes will be done in the attempt to see how humans can learn anything from this to lead to some kind of fountain of youth breakthrough one day.

Would you if you could? Live forever that is….

“Forever, Ever?” (*cue Jay-Z song*)