GangStarrGirl has 10-Teen Jobs!!! (PT.2)

Continuing in the spirit of last week’s post about Starr freelancing and doing the thing,

as only a true hip-hop feminist can, she hits you with some news about 2 Female rap luminaries, Jacki-O and Remy Ma and what’s going on with them. Apparently Jacki-O has had a writing career…Who knew?? Starr did….

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She also does me a HUGE favor by interviewing Ms. Brittany Street, a rapper that I put her on to and year and a half ago, and one of my favorite Female artists on the come up!! You can check that out on Reenie’s very own site,

GangStarrGirl Has 10-Teen Jobs!!!!!

My homegirl Reenie’s Seriously doing her thing.

If you’re not up on Starr, I suggest you get familiar with her blog, right chea…

But because she’s a hustler, the girl of course has her side hustles. One of those hustles is freelancing. So at any given time, feel “free” to check out her journalistic skills on a number of sites. For example,

I could write a post about Erykah Badu getting Butt-ass naked in a video just to make some kind of point,

but Starrene already did it on, so I’d rather you check out hers;


I could’ve written about these Pull up your pants Billboards (didn’t know about that huh?)

But Starr got on that first too! That’s pro-Journalism right there

And as a bonus,

Just so you can get Super caught-up on Ms. GangStarrGirl, here’s an interview that was done with her by the site, FRSHPulp x 16’s Candles VLOG- Reenie checks in to wrap up First month of the year!

As I mentioned before in my GangStarrGirl post, the homegirl Reenie is joining us with a bi-weekly Vlog that recaps, blogosphere and pop culture happenings at each half way  point and end of every month. It should be fun. Here’s the very first installment 9from the bathroom – what you know about that?) You know it’s always something when the 2 of  us get together, but  I’ll let her tell you better…

My Homie Reenie’s New Look!!! Re-Launch!!!

Click the Pic

My Favorite Journalist/blogger and one of my Coolest friends, Starrene Rhett, Officially re-launched her blog last week after months of delay.

But you don’t need an introduction do you?

She is actually the motivation behind and reason that I began blogging in the first place. She’s taught me SO much about the politics and ins and outs of this whole blogosphere and underground hip-hop world. before her, I was just a yahoo e-mail and myspace bandit lurking on hip-hop sites and message boards.

2009 was the biggest year so far for the “Hip-Hop Mary Tyler Moore”, complete with an Anniversary, a Black Weblog Award for best “hip-hop blog” (Even tho her blog transcends that by far) and her first event along with me – our First Annual Janet Jackson VS. Madonna party(Which will be better this year! mark my words). All that, and you can rest assured that this year will be even BIGGER for the Homie!

Look for her “Roc The Town” vlog on (Where our favorite renaissance woman TDJ will also be sharing her time), and another exclusive vlog for this very site in the workings.

The New Look of compliments her style much more than the previous incarnation.

She is the spunky, eclectic undeniable 80’s baby and ex-Harlem chic. The Psuedo feminist, risque fashionista with a fly -but- quirky sensibility. She’s a fine arts girl without the chemical imbalance and attention-seeking craziness. Down to earth and super clever, intelligent and picks to write about the stuff most bloggers won’t…Yeah – did I mention she ACTUALLY WRITES???

And you gotta love her sarcasm and penchant for guilty pleasures.

We’ll let the fact that she went to HAMPTON Insti..errr… I mean UNIVERSITY, slide.

She gains cool points back for going to New York’s Legendary FAME school.

Anyway, click the pic to go see what I’m raving about. It’s getting points for being one of the dopest looking blog sites this year without a doubt. That is, until my revision, coming soon…

Don’t mind if I use yours for a little inspiration right Reenie??

Shout outs to the designers out there. And all Gangstarrgirls worldwide.