My Homies are Famous!!!

As indicated by the big red stripe across his face next to Plies and officer Rozay in the top left corner of this blog’s banner, it’s pretty clear that I don’t like Talib Kweli. Of course it would take one of my best female friends and favorite people to finally make me post anything Kweli-related on here. The homegirl Starrene GangStarrGirl Rhett is the lead feature in Kweli’s rock/rap offshoot group, Idle Warship‘s new video, “System Addict”. The song is ehhh…However, not only does the video start off with Starr, but as the only feature with a speaking part, she gets a whole little dialogue. How G is that?? I should mention that Iam a fan of Res, who is also apart of Idle Warship, so anything with her, I check for. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the song starts with a quippy Jean Grae verse. 3 Dope Ladies in one spot. And best of all…No Kweli. At All.

Told you the camera loves you Starr!

Speaking of camera love, I mentioned a couple months back that I would follow the progress of this cool indie film coming out this year called GWB. Starring my boy Rayniel Rufino, this is Washington Heights drama in full effect. The party for the official trailer just took place this past weekend, and the official debut will happen during next month’s HBO Latino Film Festival. For now, peep, the teaser trailer.

We see you homie!

“Negroes In The News” – ACS workers get Murder Raps, Chris Brown Bitches up again & Starrene Rhett makes waves!!

Sadly, my “Auntie” who is an ACS social worker, brought this story to my attention. For the first time in NYC history, 2 child welfare workers are being charged with homicide surrounding the death of a minor under their watch. Of course, the reason this story ends up in this column entitled Negroes In The News, is because the 2 case workers here just happen to be Black.

I first read about this particular case back at the end of the summer when it hit newspapers that a young girl by the name of Marchella Pierce had been abused and tied to her bed in her room until she eventually died of starvation, physical injury and drug poisoning. She was 4 and weighed only 18 lbs when she died.

Apparently, Damon Adams, the worker assigned to Marchella’s case, and his supervisor, Chereece Bell, are being accused of falsifying information about making regularly scheduled home visits. These visits are believed to have been crucial in preventing Marchella’s horrible death. The 2 are being charged with criminally negligent homicide for failure to comply with guidelines that have become more rigid for social workers ever since the infamous abuse-related death of young Nixzmary Brown 5 years ago.

The fact that this is coming from the same field office in Brooklyn that was assigned to Nixzmary’s case is bringing intense heat upon ACS and has the District Attorney gunning to see Adams and Bell behind bars for Murder due to their irresponsible conduct.

Mayor Bloomberg has come to the defense of ACS comissioner John Mattingly, and fellow ACS branches citywide plan to rally in support of their fallen members in response to what they feel are extreme allegations and unfair penalties. Mattingly also expresses concern that holding social workers to such a high criminal degree as homicide will have adverse effects on opinions toward the profession and deter prospective child welfare career-seekers from a job that already incurs stress.

For a more detailed account of this story, please click this link to the New York Times coverage of it

I could give a fuck about an ex-teeny bopper R&B star’s temper tantrums, but I bet all of you Chris Brown defenders would be singing a different tune had that chair he threw this week landed on some innocent pedestrian. Tell mr. ‘I’m blonde, I sing and rap and curse and make gang references now’ to beat on something that can beat him back.

Anyway, Speaking of Starr, on the brightest note of all this week to me personally,

my Homegirl Starrene “GangStarrGirl “Rhett was slated as a guest on the Michael Baisden show today and received a shout-out for her contribution to the on-air discussion of illegal bodily-enhancement injections based on her coverage of the topic for VIBE in the following article

Funny story. Sad, but true. Ironic that she has covered so many things as a writer and butt injections are what she lands radio attention for. But she knows how it goes…I will post up the podcast soon as I can.

In the meantime, give it up for a freelance journalist who is constantly making bigger and bigger strides with every passing year. So proud of you Reenie!!!