Mai,Mai,Mai….Jeannie In A Bottle!

Couldn’t express to you more how absolutely Fly I think this woman is!

Not only is she one of the Dopest make-up artists and stylists out there, she is also a very active super-humanitarian. But that only makes sense with her being a fearless Aquarian who loves life. And fearless is the word…Any chic who confidently rocks Blue hair is my type of chic! Especially the way she does it.

Jeannie (whose last name Mai, is pronounced like my – which she cleverly takes advantage of), has been grinding for a minute now; bouncing from celebrity make-up gigs to corresponding and judging on hit television programs. A proud Asian-American of mixed Vietnamese and Chinese heritage, Mai first became a celebrity in her own right after hosting the Orient-oriented news magazine show, Stir – which was nominated for an Emmy.

This Asian pride, which you should know I’m partial to – due to my own heritage, is the partial motivation behind most of Jeannie’s charitable efforts, as she lends her support to curtail child poverty and sex-trafficking in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Her secondary motivation is her platform for female empowerment, which finds her promoting female fashionistas on the rise and guest speaking on panels. She is most famous outside of her work for the Prayer Box that she started along a hiking trail in L.A.

You can read more about her at her blog 

In the meantime, you can focus on my own dubious reasons for celebrating her on this very blog. Reasons such as appreciating her awesome symmetry and beautiful California glossed skin.

Her personality definitely screams Los Angeles, she’s tatted up, tan and toned as hell! But she comes off as a vivacious and down to earth kind of chic that would be cool to kick it with, complete with a wide bright smile and a sense of quirkiness that rounds it all out. Quirky and cool are always a winning match.

Now pair that with her…uhmmPair and then you have a Bad misses who will never be on the worst dressed list. The appeal of her mixed background gives her a look that highlights her exotic features but doesn’t present them to you before she presents herself. Her cheekbones make her look like the poster-girl for a Heart-shaped face! It’s a very soft exoticism that one wouldn’t get lost in as much as they would be intrigued by. The way she carries it is even better. Nothing is extra here. Just a warmth that kinda shines thru even the best eye-liner.

You can catch Jeannie on her show How Do I Look on the Style network, if that’s your thing. As I imagine, most men like myself would probably opt to admire from a distance rather than watch a fashion makeover show geared towards women. Tho I will admit that as I’m posting this, I did turn to see an episode, just to look at her and see the swag in action.

Now that I’ve put that out there,

Can I just say,

Jeannie Mai,


are My New Crush!

Hey Rihanna! FeFe Dobson wants her Style Back!!

Remember a Brown-skinned, Short cut hair, glam rock styled chic from Canada signed to Def Jam 8 Years ago?

Didn’t think you did…

But true music heads have already referenced another foreigner’s perceived Career-jacking turn and traced it back to it’s most likely source. Don’t blame Rhi-Rhi tho’, the girl is waaaay too young to probably even have noticed or thought the biting up herself. It was probably the good ol’ folks at Def Jam who said, ‘hey, Fefe’s not doing anything with her music and look, let’s use hers and make it work this time!‘. Yeah, don’t put it past the same masterminds who dropped Christina Milian for not using “S.O.S.” as a lead single (among other reasons I’m sure) and instead slapping a leftover dress from Beyonce’s wardrobe and a weave on Rihanna and saying let’s sexify you for this trial and error run of Rihanna version 2.0

It wasn’t until Rihanna version 3 that we got the final attempt, which was a lean in the edgier and more experimental direction of the rock-pop sound. No more “Pon de Replay” for her!! But anyway, accompany the musical style change with a punk inspired look, and we have now created the Fame Monster that we all have come to know as Chris Brown’s favorite Victim. Of course this is all my speculation and theory, and I’m quite sure that as a now fully grown woman, Rihanna is largely responsible herself for her rise as a style maven. That is, when she was still wearing clothes…

But there is much to say about the Young Lady who started it all and came in with something unprecedented for young black female musicians. Writing your own music and working with legends is a plus as well.

Thanks to Drake, Toronto is going through a resurgence of sorts and musicians who have been bubbling under or grinding for years are now jumping back into the fray. So now more than ever seems like the perfect time for her to make her name known again. A plug and co-sign from Vh1 as an artist you Ought To Know reiterates that fact.

It seems a little odd for an artist who started at 18 and has been in the game since the beginning of the decade to just now be getting that kind of nod, but it just means you get a fresh take on her. And she’s more than poised to jump back in to do what she does!

So if you want a throwback to raw, fashionable tough chic pop with rock sensibilities without butt-cheeks in your face every second,

allow her to re-introduce herself!

I leave you with something old,

something new,

something borrowed

and something blue

Her album’s out in May. Check out her website,