*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…AMETHYST HAIL (THE RAIN)


Let’s start Volume 2 and Day 9 of The Zoloft Files off with a bang!

This is Track 1 off of Volume 2 and my 2nd Favorite song off of this collection.

It just sets the tone for the whole project, and while it mirrors the sentiments of the 1st track off of Volume 1, “Death Of A Salesman”, it is waaay less intense and particular. It’s actually more telling of the entire mood in which I was in while making this mixtape. It’s bigger than Hip-hop! For real!

Thanks to 9th Wonder for making this beat available for me to dance all over!

Get your umbrellas,




It’s no stones in my cloud!!


them stones coming down:

Amethyst Hail, violet and round

It violently drowns,

the skylight is loud,

the stifling sound of…

Purple Rain – feel like Twilight right now.

But it’s broad day,

it feels like it al-ways,

rains on me…

Personal storm cloud Halo adorns me.

The weather man warned me,

‘it’s gon’ rain!’


-but my attitude was pitter-patter

-like I got my own private Seattle,

blame it on the elevation,

tried to get high off life,

but that precipitation -had something in mind more like…

Final Destination,

Pickett fences visions – went the way of wicked witches.

And they get wet, decay – melt away,

and the drips against the window pane – paints the picture of the fix I’m in cause…

My life is condescending,

I breathe into the glass,

-and write ‘SignMe!’ with my index finger – hopin you pass…

And do just what the fog just said,

Nah! This far from Charlotte’s Web,

no subliminal advertising can hope to market him.

No lighting in a bottle,

just the quiet of the storm,

silent thunder can describe his hunger, cause it’s quite as strong.

But if it’s unheard,

how can they put you on, like a ponch?

Tried to launch my career,

and turn into The Swan

– from the Ugly Duckling,

-stuck here in this muddy rut that,

-that they call comin up and bubblin,


I’ve been up and comin’,

-for an uncomfortably fuckin long time…

And the fault’s mine,

cause I ain’t listen to the forecast,

I saw sunshine.

When it was obviously cummulus,

-now it’s gotta be hubris cause, to think you gonna see son shine,

is comically humurous!

But I’m so serious,

sure there’s a chance in Hell,

I’m only happy when it rains,

I’m so Shirley Manson – Hell!

Or high-water,

my water’s – eyewater,

if there’s a flood inside,

then I’m Noah,

and the Ark is my Art!

And this rain is Acid,

and this pain, has come with disdain and made it vapid,

-like to make it evap-orate,

-but it can torment you…

But how long?

Cause the downpour has been torrential,

on this instrumental – it’s The Rain,

the rain, the rain…”

Hope you learned something…

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