Crush Alot Catalogue Pt. 3 – The Generation Nexters (The Too Youngs) *Women’s History Month Edition*

The batch that is concluding this trilogy of lust and appreciation to close out Women’s History Month is technically apart of my generation – tho it’s hard for me to look at them as that.

I refer to them as the Too Youngs because of my little sisters and nieces and all the people who I’ve encountered in my lifetime that are 4 years younger than me or more. Anyone born into the 90’s is certainly a different breed, and these members of the last tier of my decade are getting the side-eye for calling themselves “80’s Babies”. Due to this technicality, I’ve always carried a self-instilled restraint and stayed away from the blossoming babies that I’ve recently been seeing as bangin’ within the last 5 years. I made an exception once. ONCE.

But as I get older, I see I’m not gonna be able to hold on to this kind of thinking too much longer. As the chics in my immediate peer group become plump mothers, bag ladies and Sex & The City – esque spinsters with football numbers, the well can run dry pretty soon. And since these newbies are taking over the screen and airwaves by storm, how can I help but to look?? True enough, I don’t think I’ll be wifing up any 23 year olds (again), but for the sake of admiring, I have to say that this class is the Baddest group out of this whole Crush Alot Catalogue trilogy!

Exhibit A,

Katerina Graham

So I’ve been watching this show called The Vampire Diaries on Television. I know, I know. Don’t ask me how I got started and sucked into that one, but here Iam, and everytime this chic pops on the screen, she lights it up. Her model looks and sparkly eyes are youthful but with a devious quality. To hear her speak adds to both of those descriptions. I recently saw her speaking about being 17 on MTV and when I heard the year in which she was actually 17, I instantly felt like an old head. Case in point, my admiring is limited to every thursday night watching her cast spells on the CW.

Meaghan Rath

Continuing my new-found girl-like interest in television dramas involving supernatural characters, I have also found myself watching the U.S. adaptation of the BBC‘s Being Human. I think I have a thing for the ghost!! Yeah she might float around wearing the same clothes in every episode, but a quick search of this Canadian beauty and you’ll see the light. I have. But what I really like most are her facial expressions and the exoticness that she brings to the screen.

Teairra Mari

Here’s someone that we might all know. And my boy Redhead will appreciate this. This young lady burst on the scene and made waves, that turned into ripples and then nada…But as probably one of the most resilient former starlets, she resurfaced a couple years back at the height of the Myspace boom and has built a strong buzz and following by collaborating with some of the hottest acts and creating a genuine fan base. She’s almost everywhere with a new song continuously and with pictures galore. One particular Twitpic got her some flack, but a whole crop of new Believers – including me! This girl kept the baby face, shed the baby weight, and got a grown ass woman’s frame. She is hands down one of the baddest chics out there!

Yet my favorite has made a soft spot in my heart since I was young. This kid always caught my eye because when I was in elementary school, I had a thing for lite-brites with curly hair. Especially ones with rare features like freckles and reddish hues. It was rare to see in New York City as a kid in the hood, and when I went to camp one summer, I shared a little thing with this one chickie who had that kind of look. So naturally, when I saw this young lady pop up with all of her siblings on a short-lived ABC family sitcom, I was taken.

But if somebody would’ve told me that Jurnee Smollett was going to grow up to be this beautiful, I would’ve found a way…

I’ve only seen her on screen in significant intervals. After her ill-fated family show, it was Eve’s Bayou with my other crush, Meagan Good. Then it was on Cosby. It was quiet until Roll Bounce, where I recognized her on the spot and was glad that she was working again. All of this was just an honest feeling, even when she appeared in the Great Debaters. It wasn’t until I saw some recent photos of her in the last 2 years as a full grown woman, that I took notice in other ways.

Ironically, in these pictures, she looks eerily like my ex, who happens to be the one ex who I made the exception for and is the exact same age. Maybe that explains alot…

From her skin to the pronunciation of her cheek bones and lips and the way she wears her hair, Jurnee is the Truth! Simply grogeous in a way that’s both classic and new-wave, I’m still proud of her, but now this is one married chic that I covet. I would break that cardinal rule and my own rule against young’ns for her. A Jurnee worth Taking!

With that, I bring this month to close by saying,

Jurnee Smollett,


and all these other similac kids,


My New Crush!