NYC Transit Ads get Bloody and Pissy for your Health!!

If any of you are NY Transit strap-hangers like I have become within the last year, you might notice a string of new Bold public service ads appearing around Train stations and bus stops.

This Year, the New York State Health Department is targeting Binge Drinking and excessive alcohol consumption during the holiday season, and the approach is in-your-face. 2 ads have surfaced, one showing a man bruised up from what’s alluded to be a fight that occured as a result of reckless drinking. The other depicts a woman so far gone that she’s slumped over a rail after what seems to be a wild night of partying.

Anyone who knows me knows of the paradoxical life I lead as a bartender by day who absolutely hates alcohol and what it does. I personally believe that it is thee WORST drug out there and leads to so much destructive activity, to self, and others. What makes it so dangerous is that it is so much apart of metropolitan and American culture, and so woven into socialization and readily available that it’s nature and effects tend to get downplayed. Watching Drunk people around me made me never want to get drunk. Think of all the times you’ve passed your limit and the stupid stuff you’ve done and the horrible way your body felt afterward. All for what?

Keep that in mind this season as you roll past these ads on your commute and on your way to that party for that fun night. These ads talk to New Yorkers the way New Yorkers are so supposed to be talked to; Direct, Blunt and Vivid. What do you guys think of them?

Salud! And Be Safe this year…

What The Hell is The Eye Bank of NY??

If you live or have visited New York City recently and have had the Joy of riding our Splendid Mass Transit system (like I had the pleasure of doing this past monday, and am silently protesting doing, even when this ridiculous weather warms up – I hate it!),

then you’ve probably seen one of these soft but strikingly eerie ads from the Eye Bank of New York.

I’ve seen these ads for about a year now, and the same question kept bugging me;

What the Hell are they talking about, “the gift of sight”?

I’ve been meaning to research this since the first day I saw the advertisement with Jerry Orbach.  I dragged my feet and found myself asking the randomest people the randomest questions, like…‘does this mean they take eyeballs and transplant them?’

All to the reception of shoulder shrugs and temple scratches.

Most people have never paid attention to these ads that seemed to have crept out of nowhere around the City, but even more than that, they cannot begin to fathom how this particular organ donation would go down. It’s funny tho, to watch people surmise what part does what and how it gets utilized.

I myself had 80 million questions spinning in my head up until this very minute.

I wondered, how long after someone is dead can an eye be good? And how are optic nerves reconnected? Aren’t eyeballs directly connected to the brain? And who the Hell needs a whole eyeball replaced anyway?? Are these for functional transplants? Or cosmetic ones for people who have suffered the misfortune of facial disfigurement or loss of a face entirely like that crazy story of the lady being attacked by the chimp (which the thought of alone just sends a wave of sadness over me and makes me cringe).

My favorite question asked thus far is one posed not by me, but by one of the random persons whose attention I brought this to;

‘would you be able to tell if it’s someone else’s eyes if they’ve been transplanted, being that they are the windows to the soul?’

I probably paraphrased that so horribly, but you get the point.

So, after all this…I FINALLY go directly to the site and what do I find out??


The site is apparently jacked up. You can only access the media links and donation windows. I found not one piece of information on this madness! For all of it’s fancy navigation bars and info titles, not one of them take yo anywhere – not even the “About us” tag. Maybe it’s my computer (I am a PC after all…), but I felt some way about this…

Luckily, thanks to the good people of and the Columbia Encyclopedia,

I was able to quench my thirst for knowledge with this small passage.

Hope those of you who were curious too get something out of it. All 3 of you….

“eye bank, site for the collection, processing, and assignment of donated eyes. A donor’s eyes are removed as soon as possible after death, sealed in a sterile container, and sent to the eye bank. There they are microscopically examined for corneal damage and then shipped to surgeons who have requested them. The intact eyes, if kept at a temperature of 4°C, may be preserved up to 48 hours. Subsequently, the corneas (the clear coverings of the eye) can be removed, preserved in glycerin, and stored at room temperature for six to eight months. Corneal transplants may restore vision to persons whose own corneas have become scarred through illness or injury. If free of bacteria, the vitreous humor, the fluid filling at the back of the eye, can be refrigerated and kept up to six months; it is used in the treatment of detached retina. The first eye bank in the United States, Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, Inc., was founded in New York City in 1945.”

Here’s the complete link to this:

And if you are actually interested in becoming a donor, her is the link to that site:

Sex & The Chocolate City – Entry #10

A Serendipitous moment on the train.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about this guy I kept seeing on the train playing drums. I hadn’t seen him in the last couple of weeks since I had been out of town for almost a month. Well it just so happened that while I was on my way to Malik-16’s house last night, planning to tell him I really had nothing to write about for today’s blog post, worried about my numbness and lack of love life…guess who walks on the train after me: Drummer Boy. He instantly saw me and mentioned he hadn’t seen me in a while. Of course I was blushing and stuttering like a love stuck fool. The whole train was now staring at us because he decided to position his drum and himself right in front of me, away from the rest of his crew, while he played. Swoooooon

Taking a leap of faith from this serendipitous moment I gave him my number (along with my donation). I just ripped out a sheet a paper and scratched down my digits and he smiled then moved on to the next car. By the time I made it to Malik’s house I was already over thinking the entire moment.

It’s not like he asked me for my number. What if he had a wife or girlfriend? He’s way to good looking not too. And if he’s working on a train, does he even have a cell phone? Should we go out for coffee? How? Who will pay? Where does he live? What if he’s crazy? Good lord what have I done! Now crazy Drummer Boy has my number. Damn, damn, damn!

About an hour later, Drummer Boy texts me, asking permission to call, (answering the question about a cell phone). He was very sweet, polite, and poised. Then, amazingly, he asked me on a date and even offered to pick me up…in his car! To make a long story short, I’m excited and proud of myself for taking a chance with Drummer Boy. I’m probably one of the few women who would have ever taken that type of chance (or so I’ve been told). Even if nothing become of the situation, it’s still nice to know I looked beyond my shallowness and decided not to judge a book by its cover.


You’ve waited, now here you have it…The follow up!!!


I know it’s been a second since TDJ’s exciting entry # 5 where we met The Street performing dude on the train that she would frequently see on her way to and from the Planet of Brooklyn. Well, he has since been nicknamed “Drummer Boy” and the conclusion comes in the next jump above. She left us hanging in her struggle of moral judgement and arbitration, asking for your advice on whether she should give this guy a chance or not based on the fact that he seemingly makes his living, or at least spends his days beating on an African Drum on the crowded and dirty NYC subway cars.

How appropriate that 5 posts later would bring us here, at the follow-up Entry #10.

Enjoy kiddies,

and here’s the link to that original entry,

Sex & The Chocolate City – Entry #5

Got a moral dilemma that I need everyone’s help with!

There’s this guy I see on the train sometimes. He’s tall, built, adorable, brown skin with long dreads…totally my type. He always smiles, stares at me and say’s stuff like“ Nice smile” or “ Have a nice day dimples”. The type of stuff that makes me turn bright red and I rush off the train before embarrassing myself. He seems in great health, well put together, smells nice (which is important) and relatively intelligent. There’s just one MAJOR problem. See, whenever I see him, he’s moving from car to car on the train with a crew, playing African drums, and asking for donations. In other words, he’s train entertainment, one step up from the kids who sell candy and ‘get light’ and two steps up homeless beggars (or what Malik-16 would call, “BUMS!”).

I talked to my roommate about him, and she suggested that he could just being doing it as a side hustle, that he probably had a day job but I find that unlikely since I’ve seen him on several occasions, during different times of the day, when I have nothing but change to put in an empty hat. Originally, I never gave him a second thought. After all, who the hell talks to a dude you met performing on a train. Then I realized my reaction to him was horrifyingly judgmental.

A part of me feels guilty for thinking so low of him. I know nothing about him yet I’m jumping to conclusions based solely on what I see alone. But what I see is speaking volumes! Could I really see myself dating a dude that made his money on the A train? What if someone asked me what he did for a living, what would I say? He’s an artist of the streets? And if he DID ever ask me out, where could he really afford to take me. And even if he did take me somewhere, I’d only feel guilty that he spent the little bit of change he made on the train that day on me. Worst of all, I think I would just be embarrassed even being seen with him. And here lies my shame. I feel terrible judging this man who’s pushed aside his pride to go on the train every day, asking for money. Sure, some may say, he doesn’t have a real job but neither does the rest of 10% of the population that’s unemployed. I’m an unemployed student myself. But at least he’s doing something and not sitting on his ass waiting for money to come find him. Who the hell am I to look down on anyone…and yet…a girl’s gotta have some standards, right?

So the question is should I risk letting this man that puts this ridiculous smile on my face every time I see him pass me by again? You decided and I’ll give you an update next week!