So…Cars that fly…

We’ve heard this before…

But have we seen it?

Some are saying the new military vehicle prototype proposal by DARPA(defense advanced research projects agency) is inspired by the Classic Jetsons cartoon and their transport pods, made famous by the opening sequence.

Could you imagine? rolling out like any other old 4 wheel machine, but with the added bonus of being able to levitate and move above the clouds on a single tank of fuel? Then land Vertically??!

Of course I’m jumping the gun here, because this proposal is not entertaining the commercial use of such a vehicle. It’s primary intent is to serve as a means to provide fast transportation for soldiers in emergency situations or drop-offs. The project is officially named the Transformer (a.k.a. TX), and is hoped to begin in 2015 with proper funding.

This isn’t the first mention or development of a flying car. There have been numerous models, experiments and videos documenting the test driving/piloting of them. This just stands to be the simplest and most comfortable ideal yet.

Here’s a more in-depth article on it courtesy of

All I want to know is, Where does all of this money come from??