Iran’s Pres Question’s U.S.’ greatest tragedy

America’s Favorite new public enemy, The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has once again raised the ire of the Western world with his comments.

According to the Associated Press, last week, the Unapologetically vocal figurehead referred to the September 11th attacks as “a big lie and a pretext for the war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghanistan“. He also stated that they were a “complicated intelligence scenario and act.

Here’s a link to a fuller report of the story.

Now whatever Ahmadinejad’s stance means to you or however you may feel about him, what he does represent is someone who symbolizes a threat to the U.S. sensibilities. Of all of the villains of this country, he is the first in my lifetime that I recall invoking such reactions through mere questions of conduct. His barbs come not in the form of aggressive damnation or intense nationalist furor, but more premeditated taunts that carry the same sentiments as those other approaches without the worked up frenzy.

These comments will no doubt bring out the conspiracy theorists as rain does Earthworms, but as someone who treds the line somewhere between a quasi-patriot by default, and someone intrigued by films like Zeitgeist and books like New World Order, I can’t ignore them.

For one, something must be said about the idea of the appropriate. As Americans, the magnitude of the September attacks is so large that we have taken on this mode of ‘we’ve lived through it, let’s not dwell on the tragic event and silently and solemnly acknowledge it as we move on with our lives’. It’s almost as though all questions concerning the happenings got silenced and buried once the War on Terrorism began. It became a dogpile of who can be more American? And how American are you?? And anyone not believing the popular opinion was a dissenter. So it became harder and harder to scrutinize this greatest Tragedy of the 21st century United States so far, as more years passed and the popular opinion became the official fact. But when someone like this comes along and puts such an emotional and significant situation under a scope, the audacity overshadows the question itself. These are the things however, that we should pay more attention to, because no matter how brazen it is, or how uncomfortable it may make us, this is how truth gets uncovered and things get found out. Word to Michael Moore.

Iam always super-curious when America is so adamant about a country or person who poses a threat and the lengths we go to to suppress their influence or expansion. It makes me wonder why? What can possibly take place from their progression, even if their ideology is the antithesis of everything we as a nation stand for? Will the entire world paradigm shift and rock our basic economic structure? Half the world already hates us as it is! Of course economics are at the root of all conflict internationally. I just don’t know how because  this is not my realm of discussion. And if not solely that, then I’m afraid of the darker motive behind wanting to squash something so extremely different than your own; Fear. Or Pride. Both proven to be age old catalysts for Genocides, Homicides and all cides for as long as we can remember.

So while I’m not one of those people in a hurry to leave my country for another with it’s own set of B.S., I do always “keep one eye open like…CBS”…

Crazy G8’s?? Politricks as Use

So It’s the great G8 time again,

This time on the Copenhagen plate is the topic of the ever increasing threat of Global warming and the Green initiative.

The outcome is aimed to replace the current Kyoto protocol which was set in 1997 and ends in 2012, but called for lower restrictions on emissions as it was being compared to the 1990 standard. Word to Captain Planet!

The proposed goal is to form a united front to lower Greenhouse Gas emissions by 80%  by the year 2050. With the United States and China being the biggest emitters of such gasses, this presents a challenge. Especially since the 2 superpowers have been at odds over proper methods of reduction. Add in the fact that the proposal includes limiting any rises in climate past 2 degrees celsius, and Houston, we have a problem. Not failing to mention that China, and India, which is also a high contributor to emissions, are refusing to accept the 80 % mandate.

Happy Hunting.

Now I’ve been hearing more and more from people who truly don’t believe in Global Warming or the Greenhouse Effect. I didn’t know this was up for debate. I thought it was scientifically proven to the point where not believing in it was like not believing in Slavery or the Holocaust.

And even still, is it really cool that Ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and Natural Disasters are more severe than ever? Is it really ok to litter or not recycle because there may not really be a whole in the Ozone Layer?

Like what do these non-believers think we should do? Continue this way just cause there’s not enough empirical evidence otherwise?

I’ll have to do more research on the view-points of these nay-sayers before I go on with that.

But I have also heard that this ‘Cause’ is the perfect platform for the nations of power to join together in attempts to move us toward a ‘One World’ Unified Global power.

That standpoint might not be so far fetched.

We don’t really know what goes on at these world superpower summits. We just blindly go along with the loose faith that they are speaking to one another as representatives of their respective countries with their peoples’ needs and welfare in mind.

Because I would NEVER believe such a thing, I can’t help but remember this image that I stumbled across earlier this year from another summit held in the summer.

You see that? (go ahead and magnify if needed)

That, my friends is the proposed One World, universal Currency Coin (seeRussian President Dmitry Medvedev shows reporters a sample coin of a possible global currency during a news conference at the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy, Friday, July 10, 2009).

The fact that it’s so far gone as to have been created scares me alone. Even if it is for demonstration’s sake.

I can’t call it, but I don’t trust any government as far as I can throw this coin.

New World Order indeed.