Black Eyed Peas…This was your life

Remember when the Black Eyed Peas used to actually rap and weren’t taking well deserved Hip-Hop honors away from real rappers? Yes, kiddies, I won’t even get into their deeper hip-hop history with Eazy-E in their Atban Klan days….but way before this group became just a good front for the solo pursuits of Fergie and Will, or just 2 artists and 2 background members (why do the other 2 guys accept being second string when they used to be a legitimate, equally corny trio??) or just good karaoke music, Yes, they were a solid example of good ol’ eclectic Cali underground hip-hop, complete with a Primo collab and all kinds of innovative breakdancing.

A Justin Timberlake feature and a scene stealing  White chic later (who we still can’t exactly peg as a singer or rapper since they insist on giving her the lead verses on both rapped and sung songs), and it’s clear that either the boys got a little frustrated being the reject Jurassic 5, or Wil and Co. devised a plan to make sure they sell some units and not be dropped from Interscope.

It is genius in a way, and it’s not exactly like they strayed super far from where they came from (they were always MTV darlings since their second single, but never paid attention to by the rap world so it’s a sensible progression). It’s just a statement to how much dumbing down can do for your career. It makes me wonder, is this what I have to look forward to? I like a good pop/rap party joint as much as the next guy from the hood, but damn son..I don’t wanna make a “boom boom pow!” anytime soon


  1. Damn sun, I like that boom boom pow(pause) song. Lol

  2. So they were a “different” group before! That’s what I thought because I remember hearing about them when they first came out & people were grouping them in that De La Soul/Jungle Bros/TCQ category…then all of a sudden I see a video with this Fergie chick (back when she first joined) and I was so confused!

    On another note…let me find out Mr. Lindo was very much MUY LINDO back in the day w/his dreads. Dang, why’d he have to cut them off? smh what a waste!

  3. I never liked them whatsoever…except that “weekends” song with Esthero…but that was it.

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