SMH. So THIS is how we get down now Environmental???!!


I come home late last night to this madness on the news (follow this link for the full story

Never, has my old high school been implicated or involved in any B.S. like this. Especially not in such a public manner. For all of our teenage cycles of gangdom, which seemed to switch every school year, The High School For Environmental Studies has never been in the center of a murder scene. What are we? MLK High now??!!!

It just makes me wonder further about the deterioration of fear of consequence and foresight that is evident in these newer generations. I don’t know the details, but what is clear as day now, is that a life has been taken, by knifepoint at that. I’ve always been mystified by the incidence of murder by stabbing. It takes that much more gaul to dig into someone’s organs, withdraw and then do it again. It’s a more sadistic kind of act than shooting a gun could ever be. It’s such a personalized attack. It says alot about the person behind the move.

Now, by my account, in the history of any violence around the school, any major event was usually precipitated or carried out by someone associated with students who didn’t really attend the school themselves. I mean, how many hardcore kids are going to go to a school with the premise of ecological awareness and protecting the planet?? The victim went to an outreach school housed in the same facilities, maybe something factional was going on here. Without speculating too much, I just am still a bit shocked and very much perturbed by this happening, especially because I spend 5 days out of every week exactly one block away from there and share my commute with these little knuckleheaded bastards! And I know my former classmates and those who share in the legacy of this school have to be thinking something similar along the lines of WTF??

The kids are NOT alright…

“Talk White” video now on VEVO!!! Redhead ft. Malik-16 & Bobby


USA2P1251823 VEVO status!

This is what it feels like huh? Well, Red made good on a word he gave me a month ago and has taken our collabo video, “Talk White” (directed by he and I) to new heights, joining the pantheon of Popular, top of the line music videos. We shot it Guerilla style, over the span of a few hours, making the treatment as we went. But it’s all in a day’s work (literally) for the kids. Shout out to Bobby, who also appears on the song and anchors it, and once again, I have to thank Red for even including us in his decision to make this his very first major debut visual and single. That’s a huge deal to make your introductory song a collabo song. For now, I’m just relishing in the craziness of seeing us sandwiched between a Ciara video and a Lana Del Ray video with a no-budget video. Just imagine what’s coming next. Well played Redhead. Well played…

Now I ask that you support us in this movement. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Watch, laugh, and please…Download Dammit!!

So Much Music!!! Prince Hottness, Ophelia Cache, Redhead & Nemo

So my young homie Prince Hottness The Cure just released his album The Grussle 2.0 and it’s been a long time coming! The Bronx is bubbling and waiting to have a ressurection and I think the boy might really play a big role in that movement. Everytime I see him, he’s putting his fellow Bronx artists on and making big moves. So far, every track I’ve heard is fire. But what else can you expect from a Libra?? Click the pic above and Go get that!!

Speaking of Libras,

As mentioned before, the official version of “Talk White” by me and the boy Redhead is available everywhere starting this week. That includes Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and even Amazon. Can you imagine…Malik-16 radio?? It’s coming…..

This is a HUGE deal for the boy Redhead and the start of his next release through Fontana/Universal distribution, and due to his good looking out (as you see is a habit of us Libras), it’s a pretty big deal for my bro Bobby and my Ace homie “Killa” a.k.a. K.Lio, p.k.a. Jim Nastic who produced the track and even has the instrumental version available as well. Here’s an example Now your turn….Go get that!

The boy Nemo is back in Beast mode spitting some of the realest shit of 2012 this side of Lupe Fiasco (who better not be leaving the game – PLEASE!). Anyway, me going on about it doesn’t do it as much justice as actually HEARING it.

Last but certainly not least, is an artist I’ve been following passively this year by the name of Ophelia Cache. She’s uber talented and was brought to my attention by my boy from the Howard University days, Derrick a.k.a “Blayze” who was my protege/partner in crime back then, but has grown into quite the business man. And tho I have yet to catch one of her shows, I’m glad she just dropped this eye-catching video to one of my favorite songs off of her debut EP  All Things Blue. You are now informed! Go get that!!

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