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Good Things come in 3’s!! – Sabi, Janelle Monae & JPK for the 100,000th view!!

Like we always do it this time (of year, that is)!

You know I can’t leave you without a great installment of everyone’s favorite segment on this blog. I always make the December ones extra special. Today I’d like to think I’m especially breaking ground. This is also going to mark the post that earns this site it’s 100,000th view!! So I’d like to thank everyone who made that possible. Of course this would happen right after I say that I’m not going to be actively blogging anymore…

Just when I think I’m done…You guys keep pulling me back!

So we start off with a nice pop tart. This urban Latina reps the land of beautiful women to crush on; Los Angeles, California! You may have heard her on a number of billboard hits like Cobra Starship‘s “You Make Me Feel…” or Britney Spears“Drop Dead”, but to SEE her is a whole nother thing.  Unfortunately, I almost have to throw her in the “‘Too Youngs” bag because she’s damn near a 90’s baby, but she definitely conjures up thoughts of everything that Cassie should be, with all the best parts and then some.

I like her style.

For our second treat, what do we have? Whaddayaknow?! Another racially ambiguous Canadian in a list of many.I must really have a thing for these chics. This is becoming a trend. With a look that’s part Jessica Biel with a dash of 2 of my other crushes, Jurnee Smollet and Brittany Murphy, it’s not a shocker that she fits in here perfectly. But the young lady with three famous names is no stranger to the sci-fi television world, and her starring role on “The Secret Circle” is garnering much fandom and press for her. You can include me in that club! 

And lastly, 

While it’s not often that you see Ms. Monae outside of that Penguin getup that she considers a uniform, I’ve always believed that underneath that Sammie Davis look, there’s a sensous woman in all her feminine glow booming. This is mostly because my introduction to her was through Outkast videos and photo opts where she embraced that more with her curly coiffed do and blousey accessories.

Even still, there’s moments, like this ad that I saw her in, when you can see the stripped down beauty where she shines in just a t-shirt and that wonderful face of hers. Her face is captivating. It has all the features of everything that men look for in a woman. It’s coy, it’s model-esque, it’s cute, it’s serious, and it has an innocence to it, but in a grown woman way – not a creepy she-still-looks-like-a-kid way. Nooo…Make no mistake, Janelle is all woman. And she definitely does know how to fill out a suit! Whoever gets to loosen that bowtie is a lucky someone.

Well, that’s it kiddies. Hope I put you on to someone or made you look at someone in a way you never thought to before. That’s what I’m here for. It’s what I do. Enjoy your holidays and be safe…

As far as you ladies, you have redefined my vision of Bad for this coming year. You are my 3 faves right now.

So Sabi, Jessica Parker Kennedy & Janelle Monae,


Are My New Crush!!!!

Elle, For Love – Don’t say I ain’t Warned ya bout Ms. Varner!

Just when I thought I threw down the gauntlet, and dropped the mic with last month’s Crush Alot on one of my all time favorite models/actresses, Yaya DaCosta, I get smacked with the debut video from a chic that I’ve had an affinity for going on 2 years now. Somewhere where Kelis meets Lauren London – two women who I only think are cute at best – I get beauty in the form of Elle Varner. She’s Smoking hot….

Actually, she looks a whole Hell of a lot like my last ex, and maybe that serves as proof that men are never satisfied, because there should be a been there, done that factor – but there’s none here. The fact that I have a thing for California girls, and she’s an L.A. native doesn’t help it either.

I’ve been bumping Elle Varner music since the top of the year, and have been telling folks to look out for the sharp chanteuse. She’s a musician for real, playing guitar and penning songs with a quirky sensibility. She’s the latest to roll out from the camp that introduced Alicia Keys to the world, and was BET’s first artist on their Music Matters campaign. Though she’s slimmed down a bit since then, coming out with a tongue in cheek song about physical insecurities, it’s clear that she has little to be insecure about…

I’m a fan of her cheek bones, and of course, the natural hair, but she has such a bright face and smile that’s only accentuated by her animated expressions, that she’d look good no matter what do she was rocking. Her demeanor shows that she’s definitely a theatre kid, but she’s full of life in a cool way and not so much of a Nicki Minaj ‘look at me!’ way. Her sense of style is colorful and Jazzy with a uniqueness and a flair that could catch a runway eye. I Love when women are fashionable in their own way without leaning too hard to any extremes. No Lady Gaga, no name brand slave. She kinda dresses like my homegirl GangStarr Girl and Freddy from A Different World (who I have a television crush on), but can sex it up in a second.

With a sexy nerd edge, she’s got sexy eyes – all 4 of them. There’s a also a natural pouty look when she turns on the round the way girl charm and makes you wonder what’s behind the scenes. And a smile that’s so wide and devouring that it can’t be faked. As I mentioned, she’s lost a few pounds, but retains her thickness in all the right places. Long as she doesn’t lose too many more, I’m dreading the day that I actually meet her, because I might do something I can’t get back from…

Just kidding.


In other words…

Elle Varner,


Are My New Crush!!!

Talking ALL THAT YaYa!!

And she is all that

Say what you say, but I didn’t like models until I saw her. I used to get in sooo much trouble for being just a bit too happy when my ex used to turn to America’s Next Top Model and YaYa DaCosta popped on the screen.  Although I didn’t believe that the semi-bourgie, multi-lingual intellectual show off was really from the same hometown as me, I gave her a pass for claiming Harlem before the explosion of everyone else doing it.

But something must be said for a woman who walks with guile in both worlds. And she does so in almost every aspect. If the gritty but glitzy streets of Harlem could have taken her to an Ivy League education at Brown University, to a career in both the world of fashion modeling and acting, then her props are due. And to think, all of this from a reality show! In the season that launched her, Toccara and Eva Pigford(Marcille), it’s clear that runner-up doesn’t quite mean loser. In fact, Yaya has seen more success than all of her season cast-mates and most other winners of the show. 

Something you should know about me, is that I LOVE natural chics! For some reason, I have always had an affinity for their look – from the meticulously curled twists to the freedom of their hair pronouncing itself  and their knack for combining earthy accessories with high fashion (Plus their bedrooms and bathrooms always smell really good). And though ms. DaCosta is a fashion model who is expected to use her chameleon like abilities to appear versatile and flexible in her look, her personal style has always leaned more towards the Afro-centric side. And it was a fresh look to see a representation of smart Black woman like that on a show about superficiality and appearance. 

It wasn’t until I dated a model that I understood how both can exist in one woman. I appreciated what she symbolized more. She’s been one of my prototypes of a dream woman ever since. Besides her brains, stomping grounds and being born in the best year ever (1982 for you late bloomers), she also has a crazy body from years of dancing that she keeps in tact as you can see. She’s just slim enough to be a model, but just filled out enough in the right places to not be your typical model (she’s also short and doesn’t meet runway model standards – a point that was made repeatedly during the show, but fine with me!). Her eyes are the kind I like; Almond shaped, slender but strong with lots of personality. Her smile is bangin‘ And of course she can dress!

A far cry from the chic who used to get called out on her facial blemishes, she’s something like a young Angela Bassett…Who makes alot of Black men’s list as another kind of prototype. I’ll say that’s good company…

I’ll also say

Yaya DaCosta,


are and always have been

My New Crush!!

V & D never sounded so GOOD together! Ms. Woods & Ms. Bozeman bring the alphabet closer!

We’ve come to this point where we’re almost at anniversary time, and there’s no way that I could’ve let this blog reach the 2 year mark without dedicating crush time to the special lady featured in the banner blowing out the 6 in 16’s Candles. But while we’re in the mood for something old and something blue, I also took the liberties of throwing in something new in the form of the beautiful V.Bozeman. This month’s installment is all about the letter women. 

Though I’ve been questioned about my fondness for Ms. Woodgette, I’ve always liked her since the days of  Diddy‘s play project, Making The Band. She had the best body, the best face and the most professional outlook on the business. She seemed like she was already in the game. In the years following, she has since become somewhat of a darling on the Black fashion and gossip sites that highlight pseudo celebs, and she seems quite comfortable with her place. But make no mistake – she also appears to be constantly grinding – tho it’s not 100% clear what it is she’s grinding on; Excersize, dancing, songwriting or performing. In the meantime, She’s filled plenty of space by filling plenty of pages and gracing plenty of covers with sexy layouts and images of her well sculpted and envy-inspiring body. No complaints will be heard about that. 

Newer and more defined on the scene, yet not more defined physically, is V.Bozeman…The stunning California native who made heads turn with a naked debut via the super-sensual and artistic video for her duet on Timothy Bloom‘s single “Until The End Of Time”. Her glazed deep chocolate brown body is just as striking as her voice and she boasts a vivrant sexuality that seems to stem passively from her aura. Learn a little more about her in this bio clip here;

Both ladies personify a kind of Black woman strength that seems feminine but a little hard-edged. It’s a confidence that’s more of a true confidence and not a false one that’s used as an outer shell. This could be attributed to their backgrounds from tough neighborhoods, but what’s more memorable is the voices that have gotten them from there to our blogs and video screens.

And their femininity is certainly something which they know how to flaunt. D’s mid section is something women die for. Her abs look effortlessly sculpted and her thighs entice everytime they’re exposed. She’s got a dancer’s body and southern girl’s gaze, with a northern sass. Her style is dancer-rebel, but in her photoshoots she switches it up and goes lingerie or dressy. So for as many shots you may see of her with her signature look of sneakers and tight pants with a playfully bushy hairdo, you’ll see the same amount of her with a gown or evening dress with her hair down or short. Those eyes are what gives her a doey effect, but have that fire and gleam that hint at bad-girlness

V. doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. Modeling and flexing her super toned and supple shape and accentuating her deep hue often shot with a waxy coat and favorable lighting for effect. At first glance, one might try to sum her up as an afrocentric chic, but she’s much more round-the-way girl with a spunky, punky yet earthy glow. And sorry, but did you SEE that ass??! 

The lust factor here is as high as the respect factor for these ladies’ bold and dynamic styles. They command attention and get it, by their own terms, on their own paths. The work they put into their bodies is parallel to the work they put into their craft – and both are to be applauded. You’ve GOT to love Black women. And the alphabet for that matter…

On that note,

D.Woods & V. Bozeman,


are My New Crush!!

Still Got A Thang For, Topanga!

Ben Savage wasn’t acting. You don’t grow up on camera from pre-pubescence to adulthood with Danielle Fishel as your only love interest and watch her go through the same transformation without developing feelings. Especially with her uhhDevelopment

Yet Ms. Fishel is more than just a growth spurt. The ultimate girl next door, she radiates a warmth and familiarity to most men who grew up watching Boy Meets World. I had no idea that so many dudes felt the same way as I do about her. I thought she was my number 1 out-of-the-box crush and that I saw something special in her that no one else saw. I was definitely wrong. Check any search engine for her and she’s plastered all over guy-centric websites as a “hottie” or what-not.

Although she practically disappeared from 2000-2007, somehow she stayed relevant in the male mind. This was only bolstered once she resurfaced on the dreaded Tyra show and then struck out on her own on Style network’s The Dish. Showing a more silly side, Danielle caught her second wind as a celeb and became more famous than ever. Too bad the show came to a close this spring, but the extra bright side to her ever present bright side is that Ms. Fishel is in the exact same year of school as me, studying Psychology. DOPENESS.

The part about her that had me thinking that I alone had this special attraction to her is that unlike most of my Caucasian Persuasion crushes, Danielle’s look is decidedly ethnic. Her thick features almost make her look like a Black girl dipped in Vanilla, but this is largely due to her Maltese background. For those of you geographically unfamiliar, the Maltese islands are archipelagos next to Sicily that have an ethnic make-up that is a hodgepodge of Mediterranean races from Italian to Arab and African. 

It’s this part of her that defines the full lips, naturally tanned skin and curvaceousness that has her on the hot lists across the internets. Yet it has nothing to do with her crazily captivating smile, which is probably her most famous feature besides her much drooled over chest. The whole breast fixation more than likely stems from her television history and the reality of seeing her blossom before our eyes from whom? to Zoom! Although she’s only a 36 C – Which in my opinion is the perfect cup size, she’s always been top-heavy, and this has a sort of Pamela Anderson effect on her, making her look like she can win any marathon breast first. 

What I also think is very neglected in most mentions of her are her crystal green/hazel eyes. This completes the exoticism of her look and also adds to the inviting and warm feeling. Even tho she’s starting to look her age, just looking at these pictures reminds me how much I still actually want to meet her.

So if you ever see this,

Danielle Fishel,


have been and are still,

My Crush!!

Elizabeth & Meagan are still Unstoppable….

Originally I was going to make Sports Illustrated‘s baddest Black chic this year, Damaris Lewis the subject of this month’s Crush Alot post, along with the newly reintroduced Raven Symone 2.0. But seeing as to how they belong to the Too Youngs category, I came to my senses. It especially felt creepy thinking that I have a niece Damaris’ age (1990 birthdate, wow). But then I remembered that the homie Sox asked me to give the beautiful young ladies who played Denzel Washington‘s daughters in last year’s Unstoppable a look and to post something on them. I took a minute. Sorry I waited this long…

The women in question are the perfectly balanced Meagan Tandy and Ms. Elizabeth Mathis. All American girls, with All American names. You’ve seen them, but I bet you don’t really know them….Yet!

I gotta give Sox his props for having the keen eye, cause these ladies defiinitely fell below my radar for the many appearances and small moments in the limelight that have garnered. Now it seems that they’re well on their way to becoming the next Black upstarts making a name for themselves and securing spots in big budget blockbusters and features, From Elizabeth’s spot inTron Legacy, to Meagan’s spot in the horrible – yet-popular Piranha franchise. Not bad for 2 models turned actresses.

The Detroit native, Mathis has graced plenty of pages as a sultry model, flaunting her frame and captivating bone structure, while Ms. Tandy, a Cali native was Miss California USA in ’07, quite fittingly. Both, with their caramel and Dope brown shades, have added a much needed splash of color in the arenas they’ve gracefully and almost effortlessly traversed through.

Yeah, it kinda sucks that Elizabeth is married, but since the chapters for both women have yet to be written, I intended this post to be much more of a picture post than a write-up. I’m sure ya’ll don’t mind right?

With that,

Meagan Tandy and Elizabeth Mathis,


Are My New Crush!!