*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16..Or More…DEATH OF A SALESMAN

We’re gonna close out this day with the first installment of the special Hot 16…Or More section  that accompanies the release of  my new Mini-mixtape series, The Zoloft Files vols. 1 & 2

What I’ll be doing is picking my favorite or what I deem the most important parts of each song daily and highlighting them as we always do in this section. And here’s a video to accompany the whole kick off.

So it’s only appropriate that I kick it off with track 1 off of Volume 1,

the inspiration that lead me to even consider making an entire project full of my thoughts and woes, this is a statement on how I feel towards my place in the industry overall. It especially illustrates how I was feeling last summer when I wrote it after being repeatedly played by the bloggers and fellow rappers that I kept rubbing elbows with, running into and building quasi-relationships with.

And with that, I give you track 1 “Death Of  A Salesman” – Verse 2;

“It’s my turn to get on the Journalists – word it’s just my concern,

that this verse is probably gon’ burn a bridge…

What Bridge??!

I don’t know what the fuck is,

having some Press coverage,

cause knowing who I know, gets me nothing.

What’s in a name?

If everybody knows it,

but won’t give, you credit

– I feel so invisible, that it’s hopeless!

They don’t throw videos up,

or post clips,

what’s the point of paying for a domain, or site-hosting??

When my site don’t get Traffic,

they say I’m too passive with my marketing – picture that shit!

I’ve done it all from,

youtube commercials to advertising banners…

Mailings lists, throwing extravaganzas!

The Gatekeepers is Lames they gave Keyz ta,

– I hate to say it but, Fuck….!!

For playing me

– and all the Journalists who won’t respond when I reply,


This is Death of a salesman, moment of silence

…Keep typing…”

Hope you learned something…

Download the whole mixtape that’s available exclusively on 16’sCandles by clicking on the Cover below.

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  1. Y’all are funny! I def wanna see more collabo vlogs with you two. I’m going to post this tomorrow.

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