Let FREIDA Ring!!

No disrespect to Dev Patel,

especially since he’s about to star in the live-action adaption of my favorite Cartoon since Thundercats, But Your girl is, as my boy Sam would say; “Smokin’ Hot!”

I admittedly just saw SlumDog Millionaire, and I fully understand the hype and accolades surrounding the film and why it’s lead actors have soared to fame since then. There’s buzz about Ms. Pinto being a Bond girl, and that would be a fitting position.

True enough, the film is a compelling story, with layers of depth and character driven plot that grips at you and makes you root for the underdog, but as I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but notice my attention getting stolen in every scene that the Adult Latika appeared in. As choosy as we as men can be, sometimes we really are just suckers for pretty faces. And Freida’s face is more than pretty…It’s flawlessly Beautiful!

With just the right mix of seductive and innocent with a little tinge of exotic, she’s made her way to plenty of college boys’ Top whatever lists by this point, appearing on multiple magazine covers and in spreads. She even did Maxim shoots, both domestic, and in her native India, as well as super-trendy and hipster Complex magazine, which is a personal favorite of mine.

She knows her lane, and so far she doesn’t overdo it. Which is sexy. She’s very aware of her beauty but gives the public just enough to not be left hanging, and keeps the rest for her private life. I doubt you’ll find her the subject of any camera phone hackings anytime soon. It’s amazing that she just stumbled into acting in these recent years and was handpicked for her breakout role.

She’s not bangin’ from a lustful, physical-frame based assessment. She’s actually quite skinny and looks young to an almost dangerous point. She is bangin’, however, because she oozes sensuality and Makes Love to you with her eyes. If you were her man, I’m pretty sure she can fuck the shit out of you with those eyes as well! I’m big on eyes if you haven’t noticed yet…

Maybe she hits me because in some weird way I’m coming from a sentimental nostalgiac place.  There was a really pretty Indian girl in High School named Libby that I had a super-crush on and didn’t realize I had a crush on until waaay late. She was also fly with a dope personality too. Of course I got stuck in the Friend-Zone back then.  These were different times…

So maybe this is my unrequited, teenage, soft spot that made me more receptive, but honestly I think the sentiment is pretty unanimous when it comes to recognizing Freida’s striking good looks across the board. Word to L’oreal! She has a universal kind of beauty that has made many a fan very rapidly. Including me.

Having that said,

Freida Pinto,


Are My New CRUSH!!

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  1. It appears we have the same taste in women… that’s making me uncomfortable…LOL

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