Bamma Ass D.C. rappers STEAL My Hit video & Track!!!!




The homie Gee put me and Brandon on to this at the end of last month. I should have opened this shit up as SOON as it showed up in my e-mail. Now I understand why niggas in the 80’s took biting so seriously and how rappers could get snuffed for swagger-jacking! How do you just take somebody’s WHOLE ENTIRE concept and call it your own?? A whole year after it was damn near the biggest viral hip-hop sensation of a whole month?? 

For any of you who don’t know me or Brandon Carter, or were sleeping under a Hip-Hop rock last year, we jumped on the craze sparked by Lloyd Banks’ single “Bimaz, Benz or Bentley” when everyone was making their mixtape remix variations of it, and watched the video for our version, “Subway Bus Or Walking” explode over the net, even making it onto AOL, and New York magazine. T-shirts were made, lines were repeated, laughs ensued…

But this

This just makes me wish I still lived in D.C. so I could run into these jerks and ask them WTF? Did you NOT see the video that gave you the EXACT same idea??

I don’t even want to put this clip up because I don’t want to give these clowns any light, but you have to see this shit. SMH. I do love how anytime you see this crap, you have to see ours pop up on the side with all of it’s thousands of hits just to put things in perspective. I mean…At least be better if you’re gonna jack and not give credit…

And here’s the ‘Original’ just in case you’re new, deaf or named “Dirty Wingz”


  1. this is FOUL!!!! did you comment on the youtube page?!

    • Nah Sesh, I didn’t want to get caught in that internet thugging game. I was hoping that random folk who saw it for what it was would comment and call them out. but then again, more comments would mean more people get to see this shit. I’d rather it stay how it is. SO GOOD to see your name up here tho. You are truly missed

  2. maaan, i commented on they wak shit…. bitings forbidden man. and they shit was trash

  3. aww man!!! you tripping them niggas i is WAY better that us! Imma leave a comment telling them how they out shined us! them niggas is gonna save HIP HOP! that my word son!

  4. Can’t stop laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHA! This shit is horrible!

  5. I just couldn’t finish watching theirs… HORRIBLE!

    • HAAAAAAAAAAA, u stole somebodies beat ,we dont release ours @the same time but sooo the fuck what !! have a vote on whos the best joint an fuck the petty bullshit u talking!! honestly onurowndickway too hard! and i didnt know ur alive honestly! mr sir im on my own dick way too hard for any rational meeting of the mind!fall back ,u didnt do the beat justice ,subway bus or walking?ours is subway bus an walking! real talk let the people decide ..u didnt cure cancer nigga u jump[ed on a song that was done by others an u sweating me?i wrote the tune an didnt give a shit until my homie urged me to drop it so i shot it an moved on w/my other projects ..small things to a giant and wait until double xxl getta load of me fuck any magazine u talking bout its the streets who decide whats up!1

  6. it’s hiophop right? I propose a battle between you an them.. I’m sure ya’ll as competitive as DC is.. bars for bars.

  7. DC tho? come on sun, be real.. get ya coofi smacked off, that’s how you NY niggas say right?

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