OCTOBER Starts with discovery of New Planet that can hold Life! But we lose 2 “Planets”

It’s October. My Month.

And I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than the discovery of a new “Possibly Habitable” Planet to mark the best month of the year!

And as if that wasn’t enough, it resides in the constellation Libra and as such, it lies right in the middle of the habitable zone of the Star(Gliese 581) which it orbits between a hot and cold planet. DOPE!

The discovery was made by a team of west coast astronomers who have been doing research on this region of space for nearly 11 years based on findings from one of the world’s largest optical telescopes in Hawaii.

What makes it possibly habitable is the fact that it’s orbit,  just like that of planets in our solar system is basically circular, but this one is locked tidally to the star which stabilizes it’s surface. More importantly, the area where it sits between the other 2 planets near it, places it where it can sustain liquid water on and within it’s surface. You can read all of the specifics and scientific jargon on this NASA link. http://www.nasa.gov/topics/universe/features/gliese_581_feature.html

I have my suspicions about what exactly is done concerning space and the information handed to us, but at the same time, I have a huge admiration and respect for the level of depth and intellect goes into it. That means this is exciting either way you slice it.

On another note – Ironically so, earlier on, the GM company announced that it’s Mercury line would shut down for the 2011 season. Adding to the casualty list now is Saturn, a company with the tagline “A Different Kind Of Car”. The line was developed to compete with the rise in popularity of foreign import passenger vehicles, but stalled due to lack of innovation. In my experience, I’ve only really seen women pushing Saturns, and I always thought that the obvious Plastic body design was lame. I don’t generally like American-made cars unless we’re talking Jeeps, but as someone who lost his Pontiac earlier this year, another General Motors manufactured line that got canceled, I feel the loss. I think it’s amazing how life works sometimes…It’s poetic in a way; we find a planet that may host other life, or quite possibly our own in the future, and in the same swoop, we lose 2 figurative Planets. Such is the Balance…

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