New Classic Material by World B. Free, Mr. Hawkins & 6 Chamber Productions! *Video* “WHAT YOU WANT”

Fresh off of the Super Successful and inspiring Soul Brother Reunion Show this past Saturday, I got a special bonus from my Fellow HU alum and all around dope rapper World B. Free, featuring the man behind the Soul Brothers show himself – Mr. Fred Hawkins.

The best part, besides this being one of my favorite rap tracks made by someone I know, is that the video feels like a movie trailer, and it’s made by the film team that I helped break in; 6 Chamber productions. The men behind the lens, Marvin Redhead and Kai Holmes are some of the toughest Grinders I’ve ever met in this business. I’ve worked with them on 5 videos and have seen these guys quit their jobs for this! This video is apart of their “Nothing But Love” Campaign and they only get better with each piece.

I’ll have some footage from the show coming soon, but in the meantime – check all 3 of these talented acts out at their respective sites;


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